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A Whole New World of Tea with Stephen Twining

Are you a coffee drinker or you prefer tea instead? As for me, I’m kinda both. That’s why I’m happy I learned and discovered the whole new world of Tea with Stephen Twining.

For Tea lovers out there who wants to know about tea, a finest moment and experience a perfect cup of tea, Twinings have been providing exceptional tasting teas since 1706.

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Last August 10, 2016, Stephen Twining, tenth generation member of the famed English Tea Family, arrives in the Philippines to celebrate 310 years of Twinings’ passion, commitment and superior craftsmanship in providing consumers with the finest quality teas.

Twinings, the number one premium tea brand worldwide, launched its latest specialty blends. The premium Large Leaf Discovery Collection of new and unique blends from Twinings was designed to take Filipino tea lovers on a journey of discovery that will surely delight the senses.

Mr. Twining explained, “Our Masters blenders turned to Twinings’ ever-growing library of more than 30,000 teas and ingredients sourced from all around the world. Their expert blending skills combined with the desire to share their passion for tea have produced the Twinings Large Leaf Discovery Collection, which offers consumers around the world with a superior tea experience – you can see, smell and taste – the only large-leaf teas can deliver.”

With tea, there are just as many possibilities. Before we taste the new blends of tea from Twinings. During the launch . we got to taste tea-infused dishes from Vask.

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Gambas and Tea Aioli Pintxo (Bread-Shrimp-Aioli). Infused with Exotic Mango & Ginger Green Tea.

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Mejillones Tigre. (Mussel-Bechamel-Mixed Vegetables-Bread Crumbs). Infused with Exotic Mango & Ginger Green Tea.

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Wagyu Beef Carpaccio. (Australian Mayura Wagyu-Parmesan Ice Cream- Pine Nuts- Tea Oil). Made with Enchanting Forest Fruits Black Tea.

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Catch of the Day with Clam and Tea Emulsion. (Grilled Fish-Potato Confit-Seaweed Tempura). Mixed with Budding Meadow Chamomile Tea.

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Sakura. (Yogurt Sponge-Tea Ice Cream). Flavored with London Strand Earl Grey Tea.

Everything was so good. Especially the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio.

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Now lets go to the Tea tasting.

Twinings combines the finest large-leaf teas and ingredients and presents them in premium silky pyramid bags, which best displays and releases its beautiful contents, sensuous aromas and flavours. The Twinings Large Leaf Discovery Blends are available in leading supermarkets and select specialty stores such as Santis Deli and Gourdo’s. Each box contains 15 large leaf silky pyramid tea bags. Filipinos can discover a whole new world through a cup of tea all day, everyday with the following blends:

London Strand Ear Grey Tea – provides a sunny twist on Twinings’ original Earl Grey. Black China Tea scented with a blend of traditional bergamot with a twist of other citrus notes and real lemon peels.

Enchanting Forest Fruits Black Tea – a delicious combination of ripe, red forest fruits blended subtly with rich vanilla flavours and real pieces of strawberry and blueberry on a black China tea.

Exotic  Mango and Ginger Green Tea – offers the full, plump flavour of mango with an exciting gingery twist over a base of green tea.

Golden Caramel Rooibos – caffeine-free, rich Rooibos with a hint of sweet caramel flavour.

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Mr. Twining also shares some pointers on how to prepare the perfect cup of tea. First, always use fresh water in your kettle. Second, preheat your cookery when possible. “Warming the pot” is very important especially for black teas. Third, the tea to water ratio determines the intensity of the tea. It means one tea bag is sufficient for one mug of hot water. Fourth, Teabags should only be used once, since all the flavour and natural benefits will be released in the first use.

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And Fifth, all teas need time to infuse. For black teas, 3-4 minutes is just right.

The Philippines is Mr. Twining’s last stop for the Asian leg of the Twinings 310 anniversary celebrations, after visiting neighbouring countries like Myanmar, Vietnam and Malaysia. Let me leave you on what Mr Twining said to passionate tea drinkers, “the world over are always looking for new, better and different experiences, and we, at Twinings, are confident that our Large Leaf Discovery Collection will delight every tea lover’s taste buds”.

Twinings is available across the Philippines in leading supermarkets, specialty stores, hotels, restaurants and other institutional accounts.

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