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Landers Superstore Anniversary Treat

I won’t lie. Landers is my second home. I enjoy going to the grocery more than a trip to the mall. It’s my kind of retail therapy. Especially when they are on sale, lucky enough its their Anniversary Celebration.

I go to Landers to shop for the whole month in one full swoop which works best for me. It saves money and time specifically now with Landers Super Crazy Sale, perfect timing! They’ll be having awesome deals, huge discounts, buy 1 get 1 on some items, super fuel sale and more. It really is Crazy!

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So let’s start shopping!

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The best way to see what’s on sale, look for the green tag or label. When you enter Landers you can see the Impulse Display area, then the Quad Area, End Caps and Isle Area. These are the places where all the items are on sale and great deals.

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Because Food literally saves our life. Here are some of the items that are on sale: Dough and Co. cookies, G.H. Cretors, Toblerone, Snickers and more.

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Non-Food items are on sale too. Enjoy 50% discount and Buy one Take one or Buy one Get two deals.

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Of course I grabbed the oppurtunity and avail the 50% off on membership renewals in celebration of Landers Superstore. And for new membership enjoy the Buy 1 and Get 1 free which is hard to resist.

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By the way, have you ever been overwhelmed by all the choices when you visit Landers? Well, we all are, but we are very much lucky because Landers choose a grocery item where we can taste them and determine if its a Best Buy or not. How cool is that!?

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And while I’m out having my retail therapy with my family, I’ll need my favorite Iced Cafe Latte from Doppio then lunch at Lander’s Central. Happy Me!

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What I like about Landers is that, it’s clean, spacious and well lit. They have a friendly, courteous and accommodating staff. And they have their own Gas Station which I am very much excited with their Super Fuel Sale as well.

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Landers Superstore has branches in Otis, Balintawak, Cebu and an Alabang and a C5 Arcovia City branch slated to open soon.

For more updates, visit or like and follow Landers Superstore on Facebook at @LandersPH and @landersph on Instagram.


Food for Tata • June 18, 2017

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