Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Ramen Santouka. “The birth of the legend.” | Tokusen Toroniku (roasted pork cheek). Shoyu Ramen. Kara Miso Ramen. Mochi cream: white chocolate, red bean, rasberry mille feuille & black sesame. | The pork cheek was soft, flavorful, subtle & really melts in your mouth. The Shoyu ramen is made from a mixture of pork broth…

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Modern Sichuan

Modern Sichuan. Sichuan dish is famous for its, “one dish, one taste, a hundred dishes, a hundred flavors. ” | Tofu & Pumpkin soup. Pork slices with chili sauce. Baby Lobster baked cheese. Boiled Gourd with dried Scallop. Fried sweet potato with cheese. | Lets start with the soup… Its thick but still pourable. It…

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Gyu-Kaku. Japanese Bbq Yakinuku. | Assorted sausage & bacon. Wagyu karubi-spicy miso (wagyu oyster blade). Ishiyaki mentaiko bibimbap (rice). Norwegian Salmon Foil (miso). Assorted Mushrooms (butter sauce). Milk pudding. | The assorted sausages & bacon was a good start of the meal. Its really yummy. I like their wagyu. It really melts in your mouth….

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Lunch date with my mom at Lunchbox. A homey place & comfort food in one. | Ruben Sandwich. Mom’s meatloaf. Guava Iced Tea. Warm cookies & Almond flavored milk. . | The Ruben sandwich was so good. It has corned beef (homemade), sauerkraut, melted swiss cheese & russian dressing plus soup & potato chips. The…

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Yakitori One

Yakitori One. Skewered food with their signature Tare sauce (mirin, sake, soy sauce & sugar). | Chicken thigh. Quail egg pork wrap. Garlic stick. Chicken skin. Asparagus pork wrap. Sausage on bacon wrap. Karage. | I really liked it especially the balanced taste of sweet & saltiness (but not that salty). Best paired with their…

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Stockton Place

Stockton Place. | Foie Gras Salad. Seared Scallops. Crisp Pork Belly. Chocolate Marquise. | The Salad was so good. The foie grass + mixed greens with pickled cocktail onion & peanut puree really compliments each other. Its not boring & very light. The scallops were cooked just right. It has lime creme fraiche, roasted peppers…

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Geisha. A Modern Japanese Cuisine. | Tofu Poppers. Spicy Salmon Roll. Quattro Udon. Sukiyaki. Matcha Cheesecake. | The poppers.. Crunchy in the outside & soft in the inside with the silky feel of the tofu. It has beans & carrots & there is a chili powder that gives an extra kick to the tofu poppers….

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Heat Edsa Shangri la Hotel

Heat. Dinner Buffet. | Antipasti station (cheese). Bread station. Japanese. Seafood station. Lechon (roast suckling pig). Pasta station. Dessert station. | I like the selection of antipasti. Its kinda few compare to Spiral. But i think they really choose the good food. The Seafood is the best especially the lobster. The lechon…crunchy skin & soft…

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Quiznos. Toasty Subs. | Double Cheese Cheesesteak (steak, double all natural swiss, sauteed onions & mayonnaise. Barbecue Chicken Melt (all natural chicken, smokey bacon, cheddar, lettuce & bbq sauce). | Oh my! I really liked their sandwiches. Their cheesesteak were incredibly good… Its cheesy & the steak really melts in your mouth. The bbq chicken…

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Subspace Coffee House

Subspace Coffee House. A Korean inspired coffee shop. | Purple Potato Latte (hot & cold). Carrot loaf. Orange Almond loaf. | A very unique twists to your coffee…the bestseller: Purple Potato Latte. Its purple & sweet (you dont need sugar) because of the taro powder. Its good when its hot because you can really smell…

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Vask. Traditional & Modern Basque Cuisine. | Foie Gras on Mango Toast. Croquetas de Pollo y Jamon (chicken & ham croquettes). Tuna & Potato soup. Carilleras con Pina y Merengue de Leche (beef cheeks, red wine, pineapple, milk meringue, olive oil mashed potato). Scallops & Black Ink Risotto (squid ink, carnaroli rice, parmesan chips, green…

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Project Pie

Project Pie – design, build & eat. | Sherose’s pizza pie: Red sauce. Feta. Gorgonzola. Ricotta. Parmesan. Mozzarella. Pepperoni. Italian sausage. Proscuitto. Bacon. Jalapenos. Roasted red peppers. Mushrooms. Garlic. Artichokes. Fresh chopped basil. Lek’s pizza pie: Red sauce. Mozzarella. Feta. Green bell peppers. Red onion. Mushrooms. Tomatoes. Cilantro. Pineapple. Fresh chopped basil. | The pizza…

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