Zuchinni’s. A modern europian cuisine. | Green mango shake & cucumber dalandan smoothies. Cold cuts & cheese platter (petite size). Shrimp & scallop risotto in truffle oil. Pork fillet mignon. Strawberry, basil & pepper ice cream. Pumpkin & walnut cake in butterscotch sauce. | I liked their choice of cheese & cold cuts. When you combine all of them..wow! Its a big happy party in your mouth. I like how the honey goes well with the bleu cheese & then the cold cuts+cheese+ grapes & walnuts..yumyum! The shrimp & scallop was very well cooked. Its not tough..it really melts in your mouth. The risotto..very creamy & velvety. The pork …perfectly cooked & the flavor of the sauce, you can really taste it inside the meat. And ofcourse the dessert! I’m really surprised about the ice cream. It tastes really good. The basil adds a creamy & sourish flavor to the ice cream. The pepper gives extra kick into it. And lastly the pumpkin & walnut cake. Wow! Its not sweet…really taste good. The butterscotch sauce really goes well with the cake. Its thick but still pourable (is there such a term).


FoodforTata • July 6, 2013

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