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Satisfying Our Appetite at the New North Wing of SM Mall Of Asia

The Food scene in the Philippines is fiercely growing. We all know Filipinos love to eat and sometimes we look for a place that offers everything. The country’s largest shopping center, SM Mall Of Asia, is a becoming a favourite destination when it comes to food. From local to international cuisines, you can never run out of choices and you’ll always have more.

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This year SM Mall Of Asia launched the New North Wing, discovering new eats just to satisfy our appetite. Everyone will enjoy as they indulge their eyes and palates from Filipino staples to international cuisines that will surely satisfy our cravings. I present to you some of the delectable dishes from my discovery tour.

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Fiery Style offers South Western, Mexican cuisine. For starters, try their Fiery Nachos. I just love their nachos with different dips – cheese sauce, guacamole, tomato salsa, jalapeño and sour cream.

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For grilled food, try their Chicken and Ribs Combo. It has half roasted jerk chicken and BBQ pork ribs, served with skinny fries or South Western rice and corn on the cob.

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If you are craving for Tempura Tendon, Tenya Philippines is the answer. Their Tempura Donburi Bowls haves the juiciest black tiger prawns and don’t forget to match it with their vegetable and seafood tempura.

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Ten Ren’s Tea is a tea brand for Taiwan that serves freshly brewed whole leaf tea drinks. A thirst quencher indeed.

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Agos specializes in Modern Filipino cuisine by Chef Tatung Sarthou. The Paella Fiesta Filipino is definitely a must try. It is made with Ifugao Tinawon rice, mix of fresh seafood, grilled inasal chicken and smoked pork jowl.

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Tori Ichi offers a wide variety of Japanese Yakitori. They have Yakitori sets that is grilled on Binchotan ( Japanese Charcoal ).

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For something sweet, spicy, sour, salty and bitter which are the flavours of Thailand, Basil got you covered.

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Morganfield’s is known for their sticky bones. The pork ribs are slow-cooked and smoked in coal and hickory wood to a tender mouth-watering perfection.

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Botejyu is known as the pioneer and innovation of the legendary Okonomiyaki and the inventor of Okosoba ( also known as “modernyaki” ). They offer Yakisoba, Donburi Rice bowls, Osaka Udon, Ramen and more.

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Paper Moon’s exquisite cake creations are truly the best. It can be a finishing touch after a wonderful lunch or dinner. Or it can be just to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. The Signature Original Mille Crepe or known as “Crepe Cake” has no less than twenty delicate, paper-thin handmade crepes, layered with heavenly light pastry cream, all topped with a golden, caramelized crust.

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The New North Wing is a great add on to your list whenever you visit SM Mall Of Asia. It definitely gives you more choices and we all know at SM Supermalls, everything is here!


Food for Tata • April 1, 2017

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