Chef Laudico Guevarra’s

Chef Laudico Guevarra’s . Filipino Buffet. The restaurant is an old spanish house transformed into a cozy dining place. | Blockbusters were Angus beef kare-kare. Pork liempo in san miguel pineapple humba. Spicy crabs. Caramel fountain & Latik fountain..yes its latik not chocolate. Lechon (not in the picture). | The angus beef is good. Its…

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Ginza Bairin

Ginza Bairin. Authentic Katsu in Tokyo. | Edamame. Kurobuta Rosu Katsu set ( pork, rice, miso soup, & cabbage salad ) Ice cream trio (vanilla, black sesame & green tea ). | Edamame (my fave) is a good starter while waiting for your food to be served. It taste like very light nut flavor. They…

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Kasbah. A Moroccan cuisine. | Hummus Calamata (chickpea & tahini puree blended with chopped olive). Watermelon, feta & olive salad. Mixed platter brochette (shrimp, chicken, fish & beef kebabs served with pita bread). Chutney (condiments). Baklava. Hot moroccan mint tea. | I like the hummus. It has smooth consistency & a bit spicy. They served…

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Victorinos. Finally, a restaurant that serves authentic Ilocano-Filipino dishes with signature cakes by Heny Sison. | Ginisar nga laki. Pako salad. Bagnet chips. Acias buridibod. Mango chocolate torte. Carrot cake. Lemon torte. | The food was great. I like the pako salad. The vinaigrette is just vinegar with garlic, thats it. The bagnet chips, wow!…

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Bono Gelato

Second time… This time the newly opened branch at Podium. | Red velvet (red velvet cupcakes & cream cheese swirl). Movie night (chocolate dipped potato chips + caramel). Cioccolato (70% pure dark chocolate) – Rhys’ favorite. | Red velvet is smooth, silky, not too sweet & really melts in your mouth. I really liked the…

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Corazon. Filipino-Hispano Restaurant. | Los bravos-a platter of chicharon bulaklak (deep fried pork mesentery), chicken skin & bituka (deep fried pork intestines). Magellan-baked scallops with garlic & cheese. Don Pelayo-prawn kare kare. Churros con tsokolate. | The los bravos is so yummy… Crunchy texture plus when you dip it on the spicy vinegar, wow! Well,…

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Les Bagels New York Deli-Bakery

Les bagels New York Deli-Bakery. If you love bagels with cream cheese this is the place. | Raisin Bagel & Russian Vanilla Bagel. Schmears: Jalapeno cream cheese. Blueberry cream cheese. Caramelized onion cream cheese. | Their bagels were good. We made sure its toasted to add a crunchy texture to the bagel. The raisin was…

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Saboten 2

Saboten’s Strawberry shortcake & Chocolate hazelnut cream. | I must say a perfect partner. The tartish of the strawberry plus the sweetness of the chocolate…wow! The chocolate hazelnut cream is similar to kitkat. A must try.



Saboten a japanese reastaurant. | Cabbage salad. Hana “flower” specialty course includes: Chicken salad with bang bang ji dressing & Radish salad with plum dressing. Loin & tenderloin with tonkatsu sauce & sesame seeds (plus with rice & miso soup). Green tea ice cream. | The famous cabbage salad.. Its unlimited (refillable). You can put…

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Global beer exchange

Anderson Valley-oatmeal stout. Hitachino Nest Beer-white ale. | The oatmeal stout is a dark beer. Its not that bitter & tastes like raisins. The white ale is a light beer. Its very flavorful & there is a hint of orange. | They have a selection of beers (library of beers) from all over the world….

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Burger Project

Burger Project. They dont have a menu so you will create your own burger. You are going to fill up a form & choose what toppings, bun, kind of burger or sauce do you like. The best part of it, is that you can name your burger.


Craft Coffee Revolution

Iced mocha. Cafe latte. Tuna empanada. Carrot cake. | We all love starbucks but this coffee shop is a must try. | Their coffee is really good. It is milder & less bitter. They recommend not to add sugar, syrup or cream to the coffee so that you can taste it very well. The empanada..wow!…

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