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Jack Meets Kaldi Specialty Coffee

It’s my first time in Tarlac City and as a foodie my first stop is of course a restaurant or coffee shop. Thankfully we saw this remarkable Specialty Café, Jack Meets Kaldi. And I must say they serve good food and coffee.

Jack Meets Kaldi is a driven project which advocates quality from plant to cup, awareness to specialty coffee, and support to build a community of specialty baristas and professionals to help promote our local specialty coffee industry and make the Philippines to the world specialty coffee map.

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Why Jack Meets Kaldi? It is a Specialty Cafe tribute to the late father of its founder. Raul, is a loving father and a passionate person. He was the first one who loved coffee in the family, music and art that he passed and adapted by his children. And Kaldi was a legendary Ethiopian goat herd who discovered the coffee plant.

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Lets talk about the food. I think we had everything on the menu. But let me show some of my favourites.

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JMK English Breakfast. It has braised beans, topped with english bangers, sausages, bacon, grilled tomato, slow roasted mushrooms and egg on a toasted bread. The combination of bacon, sausage and egg for me is a full breakfast. Then pair it with their coffee, amazingly good.

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Hungarian Sausage Sandwich. Smoked hungarian style sausage sandwich with jalapeño. Served with side salad. potato wedge and mustard. I love this, besides the hungarian sausage it has jalapeño because I love spicy food.

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JMK Baked Salmon Crosta. Fillet of Salmon coated by bread crumbs and parmesan cheese, served with mashed potato and roumalade sauce. Its light, tasty and perfectly good.

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During our visit we got a chance to experience coffee tasting or coffee cupping. It is a practice of observing the taste and aromas of brewed coffee. It provides a means of recording important flavour attributes for coffee like its aroma, acidity, body, sweetness and aftertaste.

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And as a coffee drinker, its important to learn the taste, aroma of coffee. And not just that but to know the origin of every bean, the people who work at the coffee farms.

Knowing that it is not enough to serve specialty coffee, but to get the most out of each coffee that they serve by highlighting it’s natural characters and to bring it’s distinctive taste and good acidity.

Jack Meets Kaldi creates a full connection to the specialty coffee chain. Having direct relations to the producers, roasters, and catering great hospitality to the consumers. They consistently handle the qualities most specially the water that they use to brew a perfect coffee. Knowing that water is the Main ingredient to each coffee beverage and first important factor that will greatly affect the taste, one special approach that most do not take importance.

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By the way, they will roast their own coffee beans soon. To look forward on it’s full swing early 2017 roasting select exquisite coffee origins and local coffee source to cater both Philippines and International clients.

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If you happen to visit the City of Tarlac, do drop by at Jack Meets Kaldi and experience the most satisfying, enliven cup of coffee and pair it with their good food. It is located at 2nd Level Unit 2 Cluster 4, Ripples Building, Talon City Plaza, Bypass Road, San Vicente, Tarlac, Philippines. Instagram Account: @JackMeetsKaldi.


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