Filipino Feast at Kabisera

When we say comfort food, we aim for something familiar and will satisfy our cravings. So, Filipino Food comes into mind. And it’s my first time to dine at Kabisera and everything was spectacular.

Kabisera is known as an upscale Dencio’s serving Traditional Filipino Food. And Kabisera refers to the honorary place at the head of the table. Kabisera ng Dencio’s cooks up well-loved Filipino dishes elevated to world-class standards befitting those served to this seat of power.

The menu has a mixed of old favourites and new items. So for starters we had street food which is an all time Filipino favourite.


Street Food Basket. A mixed of fish balls, squid balls, kikiam and more. Of course nothing beats street food, so good!


Barbecue Isaw. Skewed intestines, a Filipino barbecue and an all time favourite street food. Then dipped it in vinegar to make it more flavourful.


Chicharon Bulaklak. It is deep fried ruffled pork paired and best eaten when dipped in vinegar. When this is served on the table for sure it will be gone in 60 seconds.


Something from the Grill, Boneless Chicken Barbecue Platter. Boneless Chicken thighs, marinated and basted in their own house sauce. Served with sweet papaya relish (atsara). You can never go wrong with this…more rice please!


Pork and Beef Sisig. Crispy fried pork skin and meat & crunchy beef bits. Served on a sizzling plate. The best pulutan and great as ulam (viand) too.


Pancit Luglug. A rice noodle pancit with trademark crustacean sauce topped of with crackling pork skin, sautéed squid and shrimp. Be careful with this one, it is so good but that crustacean sauce is a killer. Haha!

A hearty meal will never be complete without desserts.


Fudgy Tablea Chocolate Cake. A chocolate flavoured cake made from Filipino Cacao covered in luscious dulce de leche icing.  Halo-Halo. Their version of our popular traditional ice treat is a mix of shaved ice, milk, and a combination of leche flan, macapuno, sweetened banana and sago. Sago’t Gulaman with Whiskey. A very popular refreshment enjoyed in the streets but this time with Whiskey. You can never go wrong with their desserts and drink. The sweetness of halo-halo and sago”t gulaman goes well with the luscious taste of the Tablea chocolate cake. By the way, you can order the sago’t gulaman without alcohol.


Kabisera believes that there is an opportunity for an elevated and refined yet honest and grounded way of enjoying Filipino Food. And also they want Kabisera to be the venue not just for having lunch or dinner meetings but to celebrate a simple occasion with their good food. It is the best seat in the house! Let’s indulge in Filipino fine dining with the most delectable dishes that Kabisera offers.


Bonifacio High Street, G/F Quadrant B3, 7th Avenue, Taguig City

Facebook: Kabisera

Instagram: @kabiserabgc

Reservation Number: +63 998 960 3825



Food for Tata • June 3, 2016

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