Crisp on 28th

Crisp on 28th. Restaurant. | Pancakes. Trio of Longganisa. Trio of Panna Cotta. | A hidden resto on 28th…a secret no more. The pancakes are Buckwheat pancakes topped with Honey glazed Bacon & Caramelized Ginger Sauce. This is not your usual classic pancake but its good. The buckwheat gives the pancake extraordinary flavor. Its light, airy, subtle & nutty in flavor. It really soaks up the caramelized ginger sauce which makes it rich, sweet & but no spicy kick from the ginger. The bacon makes it more scrumptious. Its crunchy, sweet & salty. The Trio of Longganisa has homemade Vigan, Sweet & Peppery Longganisa with Garlic Brown Rice, Sunny Side Up Egg & Spiced Vinegar. Oh my…my new fave! The garlicky vigan longganisa, sweet & meaty longganisa plus spicy & tasty peppery longganisa is superb! Then dip it in the spiced vinegar to make it more flavorful. The brown rice has mild-nutty flavor & has a chewy texture. The sunny side up egg is soft & silky. Then break that golden yolk & let it flow to the brown rice…its rich & creamy. The tomatoes on the side add a sweet, juicy & mild tangy flavor. For dessert, Trio of Panna Cotta has Mango, Dark Chocolate & Coffee Panna Cotta. The mango panna cotta a classic panna cotta with mango gelatin topped with diced mangoes. Its smooth, creamy, sweet, a bit tart & make sure to dig in to get the mango gelatin at the bottom. The dark chocolate panna cotta a rich dark chocolate with graham crust topped with toasted marshmallows. Its luscious, bittersweet & that toasty, sweet marshmallows makes it more tasty. The coffee panna cotta a coffee flavored panna cotta which is silky-smooth & deliciously light. | The newest baby of the group behind Hatch 22. The resto is comy & nice. They have an open space as well if you want an al fresco dining experience. Food plating is a plus for me but using a nice printed classic plates with it, is a bonus. They serve all day breakfast & has weekly special as well. Good food, service & prices are quite fair.



FoodforTata • September 9, 2014

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