img src="Tokyo1.jpg" alt="Tokyo Tokyo Bangus Bento"

Tokyo Tokyo’s Unagi- Style Bangus Bento

Nowadays, people are looking for something healthy yet delicious and affordable meal. There’s no denying that people are more aware of what they eat and always exploring what’s good for them that is not only healthy, light meals but delicious too. As Tokyo Tokyo continues to be the No.1 Japanese Restaurant in the Philippines, serving high quality…

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img src="Wagyu9.JPG" alt="Wagyu Burger"

My Love affair with Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Burger

I won’t lie. I think, oh no! I’ve found my Burger! It’s not only an ordinary burger, it’s a Wagyu Burger. And we all know we are always hungry for burgers. It’s just really hard to resist especially when we want to level up our typical burger. Like other generations, we want spontaneity, more adventurous…

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img src="tokyo-makirrito5.jpg" alt="Tokyo Tokyo's Makirrito"

Tokyo Tokyo’s Makirrito On-The-Go

If your busy schedule calls for the occasional grab-and-go meal, Tokyo Tokyo is here to help. Nowadays, we are experiencing a lot of different things happening quickly especially when it comes to food. There are new ideas out there. Innovations that will stimulate, interest you and post everyday on your social media accounts. And I’m…

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img src="tokyo tokyo ramen 2.jpg" alt="Beef Pepper"

Let’s spice up our life with the new Tokyo Tokyo Beef Pepper Ramen

Rainy season is here and we always want some warm, delectable, comforting and affordable Ramen. And I’m so happy Tokyo Tokyo introduced their newest Ramen, especially to all Ramen lovers out there (including me). As we all know Ramen is a perfect meal during rainy season. Tokyo Tokyo joined the Ramen craze in 2012. They…

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