Tipsy beans

Tipsy beans. A coffee shop & a bar in one. | Cheese steak bomb. Irish cream on coffee rocks (tipsy drink). Bacon milkshake. Delectable sisig triangles. | The cheese steak is like the philly cheese steak. But this one, its not oily. You can really taste the cheese, mushrooms & peppers. I must say its…

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John’s Bonfire (Poppins)

Last night at poppins.. The servers were very friendly.. They keep on telling us to try the “John’s Bonfire”. So i did… It has whiskey, rose syrup, lavender syrup, cranberry & 151 rum. It tastes sweet & i liked it…



Poppins a gastrobar owned by Jc Buendia. Why Poppins? It is inpired by the movie Mary Poppins. The uniforms of the servers especially the ladies..its mary’s dress in the movie. The place is classy, cozy & nice ambiance. The service is good & the servers were very friendly. | Poppins chiquee poppers. Poppins surf &…

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Atelier 317

Atelier 317 owned by Chef Stephanie Zubiri. Mediterranean, French & Filipino cuisine. | Flamed kesong puti caprese. Red rice sinangaag. Lamb chops with caldereta. Nutella cupcake with honey truffle frosting. Molten chocolate cake. | I liked the caprese salad. The tomatoes are sliced thinly. The smoky flavor of the kesong puti really goes well with…

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