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My Love affair with Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Burger

I won’t lie. I think, oh no! I’ve found my Burger! It’s not only an ordinary burger, it’s a Wagyu Burger. And we all know we are always hungry for burgers. It’s just really hard to resist especially when we want to level up our typical burger. Like other generations, we want spontaneity, more adventurous when it comes to food.

Every so often the craving is persistent and I will go on my way to look for something new with flavours or variants for food. And the search is over, the next big thing – a Premium Burger that will add a little more excitement to our taste buds, the New Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Cheeseburger.

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A flavourful and juicy Wagyu Beef patty which is 100% locally raised, served with sliced cheese, special sauce, fresh lettuce that is sandwiched in a premium Brioche Bun. For only Php 160, mouth-watering Wagyu – goodness is now within your reach with the new Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Cheeseburger.

Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Burgers will revolutionize the Burger Category!

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First on the list, the Sensei of Burgers – the Wagyu Cheeseburger which is my favourite. Its classic and nothing will go wrong with it. It is made of 100% locally raised Wagyu Beef served with lettuce, cheese, special sauce all layered into a soft, buttery Brioche Bun. And the best part, it’s only Php 160.

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Take a bite on this Rising Sun Burger. A 100% locally raised Wagyu patty with Egg, onion rings, drizzled with Teriyaki sauce, sliced cheese and special sauce sandwiched in a Brioche Bun for only Php 175.

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If the Cheeseburger isn’t enough then get your hands around the Double Cheeseburger. A two patty Wagyu masterpiece, with fresh lettuce, sliced cheese, special sauce on a buttery, tasty Brioche Bun for only Php 235.

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 And if you can’t get enough of their Burgers and want to share it with your family, a take-out would be nice.

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Try the new Tokyo Tokyo Burger along with an exceptional snack experience for an affordable price!

What are you waiting for? Head down to the nearest branch and grab a bite of this premium yet affordable offering! And oh, make sure to order their Red Iced Tea to pair with it.


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Food for Tata • March 28, 2017

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