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Let’s spice up our life with the new Tokyo Tokyo Beef Pepper Ramen

Rainy season is here and we always want some warm, delectable, comforting and affordable Ramen. And I’m so happy Tokyo Tokyo introduced their newest Ramen, especially to all Ramen lovers out there (including me). As we all know Ramen is a perfect meal during rainy season.

Tokyo Tokyo joined the Ramen craze in 2012. They opened its first Ramen Bar and offer an authentic and affordable Ramen. Since then, it’s been an important part of the Brand’s product line which caters to customers who love and crave for an authentic Japanese noodle dish.

And they currently offer these delectable flavors – Braised Pork, Spicy Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki and Seafood. These variants are best known for their flavorful broth, slow cooked for 24 hours, freshly made noodles and high quality toppings.

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This year, in line with its Beef Festival, joining the Beef Yakinuku Bento and Beef Misono Bento , Tokyo Tokyo is taking ramen into a different level by introducing a new flavour. And I’m sure all the Ramen lovers out there will be happy with this.

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Introducing another beefy addition, the new Beef Pepper Ramen. It is made with rich pork-based broth and is top with savory and tender beef slices, corn, shredded cabbage, onion leeks, nori and Nitamago egg. And of course for extra spice and flavour, black pepper sauce is added. I like the tender beef slices which gives the Ramen more texture and flavour. A steaming bowl of regular sized Beef Pepper Ramen is priced at PHP 195, while the snack size is only for PHP 145. How cool is that?!

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Of course the Beef Pepper Ramen can be enjoyed not only for the usual Gyoza. You can also pair it with their Chicken Karaage. A Japanese style fried chicken and a classic favourite of mine. And to complete the meal, Tokyo Tokyo’s signature Red Iced Tea is a must. Just add PHP 55 to make a bowl more filling.

Tokyo Tokyo’s Beef Pepper Ramen is not just a continuation of the Beef Festival. It is the best meal to warm up in the cold, rainy season or if you crave for it. As for me, it is also a best cure for those days when you feel under the weather.

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To satisfy your Ramen craving, head on to the nearest Tokyo Tokyo Store and enjoy a warm and delectable Beef Pepper Ramen.


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Food for Tata • August 7, 2016

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