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Food Trip to Pampanga via TLC’s “Food Steps!”

Food Tours are unique because you can experience a certain place through its food while listening to stories about its amazing history. It connects travellers with locals through culture, tradition and of course food. So, let’s take a culinary journey to Pampanga and follow the Food Steps of Anthony Bourdain with the help of TLC and SkyCable.

TLC, The leading travel and lifestyle channel in the Philippines offered by leading cable and broadband provider SkyCable, brings us to a gastronomical trip for an authentic Pampanga culinary experience via “Food Steps!”.

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We travelled by bus which is the Luxe Bus. Our bus is the Acodegor Luxe Bus.

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The Acogedor is designed to comfortably transport two groups of people with 13 individual seats and a couch that seats eight, accommodating a total of 21 passengers.

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Our first stop was at Kusina Matua ni Atching Lilian for Breakfast. Atching Lilian Borromeo is known as the keeper of Kapampangan Heirloom Recipes.

img src="Kusina-Matua-3.jpg" alt="Kusina Matua"

Her dishes were dashed with history and served with true Filipino Hospitality. We had homemade longganisa, Tidtad ( Pampanga’s version of Dinuguan), Tamalis, Pako Salad and more.


img src="Kusina-Matua-2.jpg" alt="Kusina Matua"

During our visit she showed us how her famous Panecillos de San Nicolas are made. She said, the best tools in doing the cookies are our hands. And while she was doing the demonstration, she gave us a history lesson too.

img src="Bale-Dutung-1.jpg" alt="Bale Dutung"

Our second stop was at Bale Dutung. Culinary Expert Claude Tayag and his wife Mary Anne opened their doors to share a food experience using the concept degustation. We follow the food steps of Anthony Bourdain with Chef Claude’s 10 course meal.

Here are some of my favourite from our Lunch 10 course at Bale Dutung:

Piniritong Lumpiang Ubod

img src="Bale-Dutung-2.jpg" alt="Bale Dutung"

Inasal na Manok

img src="Bale-Dutung-7.jpg" alt="Bale Dutung"

Fried Lechon Flajes Binalot sa Tortilla with Claude’s Oriental Sauce (Lechon Taco)

img src="Bale-Dutung-3.jpg" alt="Bale Dutung"

img src="Bale-Dutung-8.jpg" alt="Bale Dutung"

Bulanglang Kapampangan na may Tian ng Bangus, Ulang at Tadyang ng Baboy

img src="Bale-Dutung-4.jpg" alt="Bale Dutung"

Begucan Sisig Babi at Ensaladang Talong

img src="Bale-Dutung-9.jpg" alt="Bale Dutung"

Kare-Kareng Laman Dagat

img src="Bale-Dutung-5.jpg" alt="Bale Dutung"


img src="Bale-Dutung-6.jpg" alt="Bale Dutung"

Another stop in the crawl and our last was Chef Sau del Rosario’s Cafe Fleur. A cozy restaurant nestled in an old building that offers mouth-watering dishes of the Pampanga food scene with an International twist.

img src="Cafe-Fleur-1.jpg" alt="Cafe Fleur"

Our food trip at Cafe Fleur was amazing. Our merienda were Tamales, Pampagueña, Crispy Okoy and Shrimps, Sisig, Sampelot (Bilo-Bilo), Tibok-Tibok and Ginumis.

img src="Susies-Cuisine.jpg" alt="Susie's Cuisine"

Of course some palasubong is a must. Susie’s Cuisine is a household name in Kakanin since 1970’s. To complete our TLC Food Steps we brought home some native delicacies – Sapin-Sapin, Moche, Tibok-Tibok, Kalame Ube and Pastillas. They are also famous for its Pancit Luglug.

img src="Luxe-Bus-2.jpg" alt="The Luxe Bus"

Thank you TLC and Sky Cable for an amazing day. Our food trip to Pampanga was just superb!

By the way, TLC brings you to places around the world for a culinary adventure.

Season 6 of “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” is back (Tuesdays, 9 PM) with the world renowned chef, writer and broadcaster Anthony Bourdain traveling across the globe to uncover little-known areas of the world and experience various culture through food.

Meanwhile, “Heston’s Dinner in Space” (Mondays, 8:05 PM) which follows Chef Heston Blumenthal and his team as they, together with the UK Space Agency, ESA and NASA, gives viewers the unique opportunity to take a peek inside the world-renowned space agencies as they try revolutionaze the limited world of space food.

And of course “Taste of Hong Kong” (6:40 PM) hosted by professional globetrotter Ian Wright and Celebrity Chef Christian Yang.

TLC is available on SKY Channel 62 and also available on SKYdirect Channel 32 and Destiny Channel 62. For more information on TLC on Sky Cable, follow Sky Cable on Facebook (, Twitter and Instagram (@myskyupdates).


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