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Chinese New Year Celebration at Marco Polo Manila

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, why not embrace the coming of the Year of the Fire Rooster in Lung Hin at Marco Polo Ortigas, Manila.

Tradition and luxury, let’s celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with prosperous Cantonese temptations, combining traditional and modern techniques by Executive Chinese Chef, Raymond Yeung. On January 27, there will be a New Year’s Eve celebration at the Grand Ballroom, located on the 7th floor of the hotel with live entertainment, calligraphy making and selling and display of Feng Shui cures and enhancers, for guests to enjoy.

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Experience a taste of the authentic Yin and Yang set menu with family and friends as you welcome a new year full of blessings.

Here are some of the dishes for the Yin and yang set menu:

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Prosperity Toss with Salmon Fish “Yu Sheng”.

Its a tasty salad which symbolizes abundance, prosperity and vigor. It is sweet, savory and tangy. The fun part is the tossing of the salad. And it is believed that the higher and more vigorous the toss, the better the New Year!

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Stir-Fried Prawn with Asparagus and Red Wine Pear.

A tasty, suculent Prawns that goes well with the nutty flavor of the asparagus plus the right balance of sweetness and acidity of the red wine pear, Yum!

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Fried Rice with Taro and Chinese Sausage.

It’s savory and delicious.

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Braised Pork Knuckle with Black Moss and Vegetables.

It’s moist, a bit sweet and cooked perfectly.

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Marco Polo Signature Earl Grape Iced Tea.

It’s refreshing and definitely a must try.

Welcome the good luck that the new year brings with symbolic glutinous rice cakes, presented in round cakes with yam and brown sugar flavors for Php 988 and special Koi-shaped coconut flavor for Php 1,080. Freshly made by Lung Hin’s Hong Kong chefs, indulge in a delightful and delectable Golden Pineapple Pastry comes in a box of 8 for only Php 888. Available in Lung Hin, located on the 44th floor of the hotel on January 10-31 and January 15-31 respectively.

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To know more about the hotel and other signature dining outlets of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, please contact (632) 7207777 or book online via or email Visit or follow @MarcoPoloManila on Twitter or Instagram.


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