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Food for Tata

The “Food For Tata” was established August of 2012. It was founded by Sheryll Rose Delos Santos – Ontimare, also known as “Tata” is a graduate of AB Economics. She also studied Culinary Arts in CCA Manila. This is where she discovered one of first loves, baking. This then progressed to one of her greatest passions in life, food styling.

Through the years, she has tirelessly honed her skills in food styling which allowed her turn her simple hobby into an actual craft. She then found the perfect way to marry her passion for food and knowledge in the food industry into her everyday life through her brand called, “Food for Tata”. It offers food styling, photography, social media marketing and food consultancy.

Her latest achievement was nominated as top four(4) food influencer in the Philippines  by Influence Asia 2015, Singapore.

The Mission and Vision

Our MISSION is to be one of the top food marketing and support services in the Philippines by year 2017.

Our VISION is to succeed in introducing culinary tourism in the Philippines and help the country’s food industry through social media marketing; apply creative art into food; and collaborate, work and partner with the Department of Tourism, restaurateurs, food entrepreneurs, food professionals such as chefs and cooks, and food enthusiasts or lovers.


– Passion for Food

– Artistry and Creativity

– Originality

– Insightful thinking

– Quality Service and Excellence


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